Don't Ignore a Worn-Out Roof

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Having a sturdy roof is vitally important. If the roof of your home isn't up to par, consider calling Tip-Top Roofing & Construction, LLC for roof replacement services in West Columbia, South Carolina. Getting a new roof installed will be easy with us on the job. First, you'll choose a shingle material and style for your roof. Next, your old, damaged roof will be removed and disposed of properly. Before you know it, you'll be relaxing under a new, reliable shingle roof. We also offer gutter repair services.

Schedule a roof replacement consultation with Tip-Top Roofing & Construction in West Columbia, South Carolina today. We serve the entire Columbia area.

4 symptoms of a faulty roof

4 symptoms of a faulty roof

How can you tell if you need roof replacement services? While experts recommend that you replace your roof every 20 years, certain signs may indicate that you need a replacement roof sooner. You should watch out for:

  • Curling or missing shingles
  • Broken flashing
  • Discolored ceilings
  • Algae or moss growth

In addition, our team does gutter repair work. Call 803-467-3683 now to speak with a roof replacement pro.